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How would you describe yourself?

I would describe myself as a performer, storyteller, singer, songwriter, dancer, actor, my present, my past… my music. I am a driven individual who is not afraid of hard work or a challenge. I’m also not afraid of fun! I’m a very sarcastic and sassy person at times so in my music a lot of my humor tends to come out. Whether good or bad I don’t know but it's definitely me!


Where did singing start?

My parents would say in my backyard standing on top of the sandbox in my diaper when I was 2 but I personally would say in the church choir growing up. I remember my choir director always pointing me out and trying to get me to blend with the rest of the choir but I used to just say, “I can’t change what I am”. He was never happy when I said that. I never could get enough of those harmonies and I’d just... sing my heart out. I didn’t know any differently then. But it sure does explain a lot now !!


How would you describe your music?

A whole bunch of fun! It’s Country kickin’, but it’s got it’s rock/pop flare. It’s just music with a lot of energy and truth tied to a fresh perspective. I’m singing for all the people who need to know there’s someone else out there experiencing the same things. Music has always been my way of finding some sort of peace within my crazy life. Why hold back on a little road rage or share those words you wish you could say to someone? I celebrate those feelings and want to share them with everyone!


Why did you choose music?

I didn’t. Somehow it found me. No one in my family was ever musical other than listening to the occasional Elvis gospel on the way to dance class or listening to the Shedaisy Christmas Album. Something just boiled in my blood, I guess. I grew up to where eventually no stage was big enough, no spot light bright enough and the world became my stage. Any opportunity I was given to shine as a kid I took.


So what motivates you to perform or to do music?

What motivates me to do music is the people. What motivates me to perform is the people and the energy. It’s one thing to rock out on a stage. But you can rock out in your bedroom in your spare time. Performing on stage would be nothing without the energy shared between you and the listeners. Nothing describes that feeling when you sing a song and see a person in the audience that relates. There’s just an energy there. It’s something that is always present whether it’s with an audience of 2 or an audience of 2,000. Every performance is a high-energy performance for me.


So why Country music when you grew up in Upstate New York?

Country music has been music that comes straight from the heart since I can remember and naturally anyone with a heart has gotta relate to it right? So naturally when I sing from the heart Country music just kinda pops out.  Even though no one would admit to being country where I’m from, the country stations in the Finger Lakes region were still number one. 


What have you done in the past?

I was a very busy kid growing up. An average day consisted of going to and from school; acting classes, voice lessons sometimes 2 instructors at once. I danced competitively for 13 years, was in every school play, went to Eastman School of music for 5 years after being admitted at 13, took part in runway modeling, print modeling, county fairs and state fair competitions, **BREATH**, independent films, commercials, choirs, singing anthems for every soccer, lacrosse and football game in town including once in the Buffalo Stadium, non profit organization performances and activities yet all the while I still was a nerd in school and my family always made sure we went to church on Sunday. I'm exhausted thinking about it! I surprise myself at all that I did. It definitely made me who I am today and would never take any of it back.


So what now?

What now? I’ve spent my whole life on stage, or making the world my stage and I’m not going to stop. I hope to touch people with music whether they cross my path or they don’t. There’s no stopping what’s been started. Music isn’t just words or a song or a story but a feeling. So I write and perform just that.



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